Dr. Pedram Shojai of Well.org

How to Solve Your Leaky Gut and Reverse Chronic Illness

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Join us on Tuesday, November 21st, and you'll learn

  • Why your digestion is often the root cause behind problems like brain fog, bad skin, hormone problems, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, and more
  • Your top digestive risk factor - what it means and how to fix it
  • The 19 triggers that ruin your digestion
  • The 3 step pleiotropic process to rebuild your gut
  • Specific Paleo foods to eat (and not eat) to stop suffering
  • 2 game changing supplements that can fix your digestive complaints tomorrow

This will be recorded, but attend live and you'll get a bonus gift (plus live Q&A)




Nov 21st

at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Presented by

Jordan Reasoner


Steven Wright

The team behind the Solving Leaky Gut program and authors of the book "Surviving to Thriving"

Steve and Jordan both naturally overcame digestive problems, skin issues, and hormone issues using real food, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Since then, they've made it their mission to help others do the same. So far they've helped over 160,000+ people in 157 countries.

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