Here’s What Solving Leaky Gut Is All About

Hey - thanks for stopping by, we are Jordan and Steve - the creators of Solving Leaky Gut.

If you’ve ever asked…

  • “How can I reverse my chronic disease?”
  • “How does diet heal the gut? And what happens if it doesn't work? ”
  • “How can I get healthier than I’ve ever been?”
  • “How can I jump out of bed with energy in the morning?”
  • “How can I get rid of ALL my digestion issues… forever?”

And if not, maybe you’re just curious about how you can live a long healthy life or help someone you love overcome their chronic disease.

You’re in the right spot.

How This Site and Our Time Machine Rule Will Help You

By spending time on this site you’ll quickly learn the most powerful and newest information regarding leaky gut, disease and improving health. The information is...

  • Well researched
  • Backed and used by the best functional medical experts
  • Step-by-step - so that you can easily use it
  • Most important of all - tested by us, on us.

Our mission is to give you HOPE that you can overcome your health issues and create the amazing life you’ve been wishing for. All while sharing our stories, failures and lessons with you.

We build tools to improve your health based on our “Time Machine Rule”.

It means we only work on projects that to help you get healthier, faster, quicker and cheaper than we could. We build and create what we wished we had years ago when we were still sick. So that if we had a time machine (maybe one day) we could travel back in time and use them ourselves.

If we had a program like Solving Leaky Gut, we estimate it would have helped us get better 3 years faster and would have saved us each well over $33,000 dollars on testing, supplements, appointments and prescriptions.

Steve Wright Beat IBS, Acne & Lost 60 Lbs

Steven Wright

Now when I look in the mirror I smile at my clear skin and flat stomach. But most of my life it wasn’t like this, in fact I had some very embarrassing days. Like getting in trouble at work for my embarrassing farts (I was nicknamed “gas man” by my family) or splitting my suit pants all the way in half at a wedding because I was overweight. But to be honest, what hurt my pride the most over the year was my large, painful acne cysts covering my face.

I was ashamed of how I looked 60 pounds overweight, with bad acne, constant bloating and stinky farts. At its worst, it spiraled out of control into never ending cravings and depression. The doctors told me I wasn’t sick enough, that I was going to be like this forever and to suck it up. Boy were they wrong.

Today, I have clear skin, and I don’t need coffee to feel great in the morning. I even let people take my picture without my shirt on. I can control what food I eat and I have great bowel movements every day. And my gut is strong enough to let me travel around the world and not get sick.

I had no idea that I could feel this good and that this is how other’s experienced life.

Jordan Reasoner overcame Celiac Disease & Fatigue

Jordan Reasoner

I went on a 3 day, 18 mile Elk Hunt alone in the Montana backcountry last fall. Four years ago I never imagined I’d do something like that, let alone watch my 2 kids grow up. I was the person people whispered about, wondering if I had a eating disorder, saying that I looked “sickly’ because I was so underweight. Secretly, I wondered it too.

Things got so bad, one night I sat up late in tears and wrote my last will. At that point, I’d had diarrhea for 4 years straight, was stuck in dark cloud of fear, and could hardly keep my job… let alone take care of my 1 year old son.

I think back to those times when I’m hiking 11,000 foot peaks and working 12 hour days while taking care of 2 amazing kids. I really don’t know how I got through it. I’m most grateful when I realize that my anxiety is gone, my poop is normal, and when I look in the mirror I know that I’ll be around long after my kids grow up and start their own lives.