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Colostrum Presentation with Dr. Tom O'Bryan

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Jordan Reasoner


Steven Wright

Jordan and Steve were two poor kids from Michigan working in the auto-industry and suffering from debilitating health issues. After they turned around their health, they helped others do the same, creating a $367,027/year part-time health consulting practice, laying the groundwork for a 7-figure online business. Now, through the "Practitioner Liberation Project," they're committed to helping you turn your passion for health into a successful online business.

Join Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright as they explore this new innovation in colostrum supplementation.

  • Learn about how to choose the right colosturm to use (and what to do if you are dairy intolerant)

  • Why the parts of colostrum might be more important than the whole thing

  • How leaky gut, the immune system and your brain are all connected

  • The new supplement that very sick people are using to feel better much quicker

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